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Is a Family Dentist More Convenient?

September 29, 2022 7:35 pm

Are you and your family looking for a go-to dental home? There are many factors to consider when picking the perfect dentist to care for your family’s smiles. Here are the top 4 things to consider to find a dentist who meets your unique needs!

  1. Full Suite of Dental Services
  2. One of the many benefits of family-oriented dental practices is that they offer a wide range of treatments. With a variety of services from preventive to restorative to cosmetic, your whole family can receive the care you need under one roof. You won’t have to stress about being referred out or making multiple appointments for different dental offices!

  3. Flexible Scheduling
  4. We understand that families’ schedules can get busy and packed. Family dentists offer convenient block scheduling so that your family can all get the care you need during a single visit! No more driving back and forth to each member’s specific appointment time. Schedule a block of appointments on the same day so that you can mark dental visits off your list in a single trip!

  5. Friendly, Gentle Dental Team
  6. Having a warm, welcoming office to visit with your family is crucial! Each patient is just as unique as their smile. Family dentists provide specialized care for different age groups and will tailor their treatment style to accommodate patients of all ages!

  7. Many Financial Options
  8. One of the great perks of family dentists is that they know how important it is to make high-quality dental care affordable for families. Many family dentists accept third-party financing and even offer in-house membership plans to help your family achieve optimal oral health without breaking the bank.

Looking for a Family Dentist in Hermitage, TN?

At Hermitage Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we proudly offer comprehensive dental services, block scheduling, relaxing patient amenities, and more to help your family feel right at home! We’d love to be your go-to dental office for the entire family. Please contact us to schedule your family’s next visit!

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