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How to Know I Need a Bone Graft In My Jaw

January 31, 2023 2:37 am

Teeth are rooted in the jawbone. This means that the health of your teeth can affect the health of your jawbone and vice versa.

A bone graft is performed when a patient has experienced bone loss in their jaw. In this procedure, bone material is surgically placed in the jaw after being taken from somewhere else in the patient’s body, a different person, another species, or crafted synthetically. This bone graft then helps the jawbone tissue regenerate. This process is similar to how skin grafts work. Your dentist will let you know if you’d benefit from a bone graft in your jaw.

Reasons a Bone Graft May Be Necessary

One of the most common reasons why you might need a bone graft is because you are getting another type of restorative dental procedure but you don’t currently have sufficient bone health for it to be successful. For example, if you want to get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, there needs to be enough healthy bone there for the implant to be anchored securely. You also need a healthy jaw for dentures.

The longer a tooth has been missing, the greater likelihood that the jawbone in that area has experienced significant degeneration. This is because chewing forces are not transferring over the tooth root (which is missing) to stimulate bone-building cells called osteoblasts. Instead, cells called osteoclasts have become more active in destroying the bone.

Another reason why your dentist might suggest you get a bone graft is if you’ve experienced severe bone loss due to a dental condition like gum disease. Reinforcing your jaw can decrease your risk of tooth loss and further bone deterioration, which would both negatively affect your dental function and facial structure.

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